Finally, the answer

The guy who heads FEMA has for his credentials a background in running horse shows.

Is it any wonder he can’t run emergency relief? I mean really, how bad can it get at a horse show?

Mr. Brown had no obvious qualifications, other than having been Mr. Allbaugh’s college roommate. But Mr. Brown was made deputy director of FEMA; The Boston Herald reports that he was forced out of his previous job, overseeing horse shows. And when Mr. Allbaugh left, Mr. Brown became the agency’s director. The raw cronyism of that appointment showed the contempt the administration felt for the agency; one can only imagine the effects on staff morale.

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  1. jeanne says:

    Finally, that little known factoid made it onto MSNBC tonight. Keith Olbermann, the host, then delivered a blistering commentary about the response. First he showed a clip of Chertoff saying that the CITY of Louisiana was going to be under water for a long time. Somebody had better get fired after this debacle.

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