And Now William Rehnquist has died

May he rest in peace. And may the media quit making such a big effort to impress upon us how conservative he was and how he turned the whole court into a conservative judiciary as though that’s a good thing.

Captain Dumbass, our Commander in Chief now gets to appoint 2 people to the Supreme Court. The way he has totally screwed up in Louisiana and Mississippi will hopefully have a very negative impact on his ability to slip some uber Christian right wing nut job into the position.

Oh please, oh please, oh please let us leverage his utter incompetence – please? Just this once?? (and no, I don’t know who I am pleading to.)

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1 Response to And Now William Rehnquist has died

  1. Crits says:

    Just when we thought that it couldn’t get any worse. Fuckkkkk….

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