Things that make me jealous

If I weren’t such a cheapskate I would have one of those paid blogs where you can have various topics one of which would be ‘Things That Make Me Jealous’. There are so many that they would deserve a whole topic. I would have to muster the restraint of a card carrying member of Overeaters Anonymous in a Baskin-Robbins store to keep from posting to it about every 5 minutes.

I’d also like to be able to upload clever banners like you can do in TypePad. However, in addition to being cheap I have the graphic design talent of a myopic newt. I am oh so jealous of Laid Off Dad and his ever changing, ever fabulous banners. It would take me a month to think one up and then I would end up in a mental institution, flayed by frustration when I tried to bring it to fruition. Clearly, when God was passing out artistic talent my Mom stepped out of line to go the loo. Feh.

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