A victory for our side!

Appeals Court Overrules?Va. Late-Term Abortion Ban – Yahoo! News

This is such a relief because it means somewhere in the hallowed halls of justice, even in this rapid, misogynistic, oppressive administration, there is a shred of sanity.

Here’s a heart warming quote:
“We’ve got a major problem and it’s not with the legislature, it’s with the courts,” Cuccinelli said. “Because of these sorts of rulings . . . we get a bunch of judges that want to write their own policy into the Constitution.”

The panel wrote that its decision was based on U.S. Supreme Court decisions and noted that its obligation was to that precedent. Citing a previous decision, the panel wrote: “But even if ‘abortion [is] offensive to our most basic principles of morality . . . that cannot control our decision,’ for our obligation is to apply the Supreme Court’s definition of personal liberty, ‘not to mandate our own moral code.’ “

See that? Someone is actually pointing out that the constitution grants us freedom of choice even in the face of right wing Christian fundamentalists. Oh Happy Day!

But wait. “Someone” is a Clinton appointee. Here is why you need to do everything to can to help keep the Bush appointees out of the courts:

The 4th Circuit is generally regarded as the nation’s most conservative appellate court, but yesterday’s decision was written by Judge M. Blane Michael and joined by Judge Diana Gribbon Motz — both appointees of President Bill Clinton, a Democrat. Judge Paul V. Niemeyer, an appointee of President George H.W. Bush, dissented.

It’s a thin victory but we are still winning. If you care about these issues please make sure your elected representatives know. If you live in a Red state join one of these organizations if not all of them. They like it if you give money but even if you don’t want to do that they organize lots of campaigns and the more people they can inform and get involved, the better.

the ACLU

Not In Our Name

You can never put too much effort into thwarting the misguided, meglomaniacal efforts of the Bush Administration and the most important think to focus on now is judicial nominations. He is absolutely winning that war. This latest farce with the nuclear option is a perfect example. All the Democratic party could do to prevent the Republicans from rewriting the democratic process was to agree to the Bush nominees. Talk about your thin victory. Fight back people! You must fight back.

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