Oh My achin’ ass

No – I have not been having kinky sex. I ran a little over 9 miles this morning and my buns are screamin’ sore. My feet are killing me. I am training to run a marathon and it seems to be a little bit like having a baby – you forget about the pain and just want what comes at the end. Crossing the finish line pales in comparison to holding your new baby and believing that you will be able to sleep on your stomach again (but not as soon as you think – HA!) but it’s a pretty good thrill. I’ve done it once before and somehow my recollection is that that it wasn’t that hard. Bullshit – it’s that hard. Maybe harder. I somehow forgot about the days spent running for a couple of hours and then needing to go to bed to recuperate. I’m not giving up, though – perseverance furthers* and I will have my day!

* So the I-Ching tells us

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