21st Century Pope

The pontiff has email. No kidding! You can send him a message at benedictxvi@vatican.va. The man has had a fan club for years and they have graciously put his email address on their home page. These people are so dedicated it brings tears to my eyes. You can buy FAN CLUB MERCHANDISE! I’d like to report that they donate every dime of profit to the church to be used relieving the suffering of the poor but such is not the case. “Welcome to the Ratzinger Fan Club Giftshop. Proceeds from this store go towards the monthly costs of keeping our website online. ” I’m sure the cost of the website – max a couple hundred bucks/month assuming it is maintained by dedicated volunteers, is barely affordable on their CafePress sales. Of course being that these are hardline Catholics it is more likely that the Ratzinger Fan Club has a well paid staff. But that’s another discussion

Here is what they have to say about this merchandise

“Wear your faith on your sleeve! Our shirts, hats and stickers will provoke a response and initiate debate in such places as RCIA meetings, campuses of pseudo-‘Catholic’ colleges, or any educational function with a tendency to spread confusion and dissent! ”

Cool – it’s Catholic against Catholic! The RCIA is for grownups who have decided to convert. I don’t know which Catholic colleges rate being called ‘pseudo’.

Apparently John Paul also had an email address. If only I had known… but at least I can still send a missive to his holiness. If only I knew how to start out.

Dear Pontiff…. too casual
Your Holiness .. well – no…
Yo, Pope! .. way too casual
Excellency…. not for me so no.
I kiss your ring … correct real time behavior but inappropriate as a salutation
Dear Pope …. probably not but it’s the best I can do.

So how would you begin an email to the Pope and what would you say?

I might say –

Dear Pope,
I am a dissenter. I think it is wrong to promote uncontrolled reproduction among people who don’t have any food. I think women who support and believe the Catholic doctrine should be able to say Mass without having to hide in fear of excommunication (what the hell drives them beats me but I’m just sayin’), I think your wishy, washy view on gays that says being gay is inherent but must be fought as evil is hypocritical. And what about all the molestation? What exactly is the church going to do about that? If being gay is so bad, why is it that a large percentage of your ordained are violating little boys in the ambry?

In short – if you can be 21st Century enough to have an email address why can’t you loosen up and get with the program? What is up with calling one kind of Catholic a dissenter and another kind of Catholic a-okay? What’s up with keeping the Catholic doctrine so strict as to be unconscionable in this day and age? And what about the sexual abuse? Really – what are you going to do about that?

Actually, thank you for getting yourself elected. Please be so completely hard assed over the next 3 to 5 years (your expected term of Popeness) that the church is forced to adopt some 21st Century reforms,

21stCenturyMom (not now, nor ever a Catholic)

Before you get too busy writing your email please be advised of this statement made in the Fan Club FAQ
You can email him at benedictxvi@vatican.va, but good luck on getting a response. =)

Darn – I was so hoping for some dialog.

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  1. Mother of Chaos says:

    Oh, ack. Now I have this nightmarish vision of myself doing housework with his countenance beaming out from my chest on a t-shirt…ACK! ACK! ACK!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    you might try to figure out what an ambry is. also, why is the abuse rate higher in public schools than in the church?

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