Jet Li escapes the Tsunami and finds meaning….

Jet Li was vactioning on the Maldives when the big waves hit. He managed to grab his child and his maid and scramble for higher ground. His family survived. An article on the Internet Movie Data Base ( say this:

“Martial arts superstar Jet Li has spoken of his terror, running from the Indian Ocean tidal wave last month. The Hero actor was holidaying in the Maldives with his family, when the tsunami hit the coast line and caused widespread death and destruction to the surrounding countries. At a celebrity fundraiser concert in Hong Kong on Friday, Li told the audience, “The waves came really quickly and formed swirls. I carried my daughters and pulled my maid and ran. I’d only walked three steps when I realized that the water had already come up to my waist. When I looked back, everything I saw minutes ago was gone. Everything was surrounded by the ocean. The houses collapsed. I continued to run but the water was already up to my mouth.” Li and his family managed to find lifejackets in their hotel as they waited for a second round of bigger waves to hit the island. Li has donated $158,000 to the tsunami relief fund and marks the tragic event as a defining moment in his life. He adds, “Some things I dared not do in the past, I am ready to do them now”

And that’s how it goes when we are confronted with our own mortality. It doesn’t matter who you are or how exciting or fulfilling your life is; when you are faced with death what you see are the holes in your life – the unfinished projects, the unexpressed intentions, the dangling relationships and the experiences that take place only in your head.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans felt that way after 9/11. Some of them changed their lives dramatically and some just thought about changing their lives and motored on. I did a little of each. Writing is one of those things I’m alway ‘going’ to do. Thanks to the wonder of the internet and blogging technology I finally have a place where I can write a hundred or so words and feel like I’ve accomplished something.

I blog therefore I am? I keyed that phrase into my trusty Google search bar and it returned 7180 results. For my next death defying act I think I’ll try to be original.

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