Who wants to work when you can blog all day long?

Is blog a verb? I think it probably is now… it is, it is!

Have you noticed how just about any word that gets used a lot shows up in a dictionary? Have you noticed how many dictionaries there are? For those of us who used to think that words and grammar were sacred I have but one thing to say – get a fucking life! In the 21st Century it is open season on words. Words are ours to own, manipulate and use as desired. If you don’t understand a word just do your best to figure it out from context. For example, my kid told me that we got ‘major props’ on the food at a party I threw. Wow, major props! Rock on and WTF? Turns out I’m just a dork and I didn’t know that ‘major props’ means ‘compliments of the highest order’. But who wants to use an antiquated term like that and sound like an old lady with a face that looks like she must have a stick up her ass? Not me!

Getting back to the point at hand, there are zillions of blogs in the blogsphere. The good ones are topical – I finally figured that out after reading many, many blogs, some of which were informative and captivating and many which were boooorrrriiiiinngggg. The topics about which people blog are endless. Knitting, travel, being a parent, not being able to be a parent (some of my personal favorites), being homosexual, beer, and there is always politics. There are awards for blogs, many awards. For example there is the Diarist Award and the BOB award, The Best of British Blogging and The Asia Weblog Awards, The Australian Blog Awards, and The WizBang Awards (apparently limited to 2003), to name but a few. Some blogs carry massive amounts of advertising which gets us back to the original point. Why work when you can just blog all day? There must be a way to make a living off of a blog. I’ve got to figure this out or I will have to keep working and that’s just no good – no good at all. Maybe I just need to mount a bunch of advertisments and make up an award. Think it will work?

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